Workshop on Milblogging and War Narrative in Dresden, 9-10 November 2012


About the Workshop

Since their emergence during the Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, milblogs have left a major impact on cultural practices of representing and deliberating events and experiences of war. Their technological specifications allow for immediate and public narration of war experience, and they invite a public audience response on a personal level. This workshop aims at discussing the cultural work of milblogs in revolutionizing the narration and public discussion of war, with a particular focus on American blogs and the context of American traditions of war narrative. It will scrutinize the dynamics by which the soldiers and their audience generate a sense of community and negotiate the conduct, the meaning, and the personal consequences of war. Furthermore, this workshop is interested in analyzing how the technological features and textual conventions of milblogs extend or restrict writing about war, and how milblogs are influenced by and influence traditional genres of American war narrative, such as letters or memoirs.

Update 29 October: There have been a few changes in the order of presentations. Please check the program for the latest version.


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