Dorothea Gail - Biography

Contribution: The Last Days of American Civilization: The Poetics of Righteous Violence in Bob Goldthwait's Black Comedy God Bless America


Dorothea Gail studied music and theology in Frankfurt a.M. In 2007 she gained her Ph.D. in musicology with a thesis about the American modern music composer Charles Ives. From 2008-10 she was Visiting Professor and Research Scholar for Music History at the University of Oklahoma and from 2010-12 she worked as Executive Editor for the national music series Music of the United States of America (MUSA) at the University of Michigan, where she also taught classes in American music. In 2013 she is starting a post-doc project in American Studies, University of Mainz with the working title “Between Authenticity and the Market: Music, Values, and Subcultures in the US since the 1970s.” Dr. Gail maintains a perspective outside academia with the stylings of her electronic pop band The Moving Coffins.