Ilka Saal - Biography

Contribution: “Just as Good as the Real Thing”: Exploring Historiopoiesis in Contemporary American Literature


Ilka Saal is Professor of American Literature at the University of Erfurt. Prior to returning to Germany, she taught at the University of Richmond, VA, where she received tenure; she also worked as Guest Professor at Ghent University, Belgium. Her work on American theater, drama, and literature has been published in international journals such as Modern Fiction Studies, Amerikastudien, Arcadia, South Atlantic Review, New Theatre Quarterly, and Journal of American Drama & Theatre. Her book New Deal Theater: The Vernacular Tradition in American Political Theater (Palgrave 2007) won the
 South Atlantic Modern Language Association Award (2008). She is also the co-author/editor of Passionate Politics: The Cultural Work of American Melodrama from the Early Republic to the Present (Cambridge Scholars 2008).