Stefan Schubert - Biography

Contribution: “A Man Chooses, a Slave Obeys”? Objectivism, Choice, and Narrative Agency in BioShock


I am a doctoral student at the Institute for American Studies at the University of Leipzig, Germany. I earned my BA and MA degrees in American studies from the University of Leipzig in 2009 and 2011, respectively. My doctoral project investigates what I wish to call ‘narrative instability’ in contemporary American popular texts across different media (specifically novels, films, and video games). Since 2009, I’ve been involved in the publication of the graduate journal aspeers (as co-editor of the third issue and as editorial assistant of subsequent issues), and in 2011, I co-organized the conference “American Pornographies: Consumerism, Sensationalism, and Voyeurism in a Global Context.” Besides looking for ‘instability,’ some of my research interests include narrativity and narrative studies, popular culture (specifically new media and cybercultures), and video game studies.