Workshop on "War Narratives and Web 2.0" at EAAS Biennial 2014 at The Hague


Our networking, research, and interdisciplinary exchange on matters of online war narratives will expand in 2014. The European Association for American Studies will hold its 2014 biennial convention at The Hague, on 3-6 April. In relation to the choice of location, this meeting will address issues of “America: Justice, Conflict, War.” I have teamed up with Danish political scientist Morten Braender to contribute a workshop titled “War Narratives and Web 2.0: Justification, Storytelling, and Public Discourse.” We hope to bring together scholars from the humanities and social sciences to discuss aspects of narrating war experience in various Web 2.0 formats, including milblogs, but also the social media.

Our workshop seeks to discuss this cultural work of Web 2.0 texts written by combat soldiers, and to analyze how they address cultural, political, and social issues related to war and justice. We are interested in both the analysis of these soldier narratives, of their interaction with their audience and of their impact. The relationship and negotiation between military and civil jargons, 'lifestyles,' and codes of conduct, and the resulting social pressures and ethico-political conflicts, will be of particular importance.

The complete call for papers can be found in the list of accepted workshops.

The deadline for papers will be 1 October, 2013. For more information on logistics and proposal guidelines, please refer to the conference website.

We are looking forward to expand the network of scholars in online war narratives and are curious about interconnections to the many other exciting workshops, i.e., on trauma, performance/theater, the (in-)visibility of physical violence, or the representation of torture and suffering.